Tuesday, 3 July 2018

little birds nearly ready to fly

So far this week we have been learning about the many various different birds from all parts of the globe. This learning is all building up to us having a big writing lesson where we will create an extended descriptive piece of work  on the events of a day in the life of a bird. We have also used these animals to assist our understanding of measurements of length and weight using various birds to challenge us in using standard units of cm/m and kg/g. For further learning why not discover the weight and length of your favourite animals and then measure out how long they are. All of this has been done along side the beginning of our summer concert practice which we are very excited about. The concert is going to be called Shine and each set of parents from both classes will have the opportunity to see the children share their favourite memories and sing along to several songs, either on the Wednesday (Mrs Rayfield class) or Thursday (Mr Whiteheads) next week. It's going to be the greatest show!

Next week we are going to explore the lives of primates! To be ready for this why don't you look into what the word primate means and what type of animals are called this. We will also use primates to help us with our maths learning of making and interpreting data and statistics.

Don't forget the school summer fayer is this Friday 6th and there will be lots to see, including the children's hard work, and do with all sorts of stalls and games. The temperature lately means it will hopefully be a sizzling event.

Finally a quick reminder if you wish your child to have sun cream in this weather please make sure it is a named and easy to apply bottle as they will have to do this by themselves.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

What a roarsome trip...

What a day it was last Friday at Africa Alive.

We had the perfect weather and that was accompanied by a brilliant teacher, called Sara, who we loved listening to as she talked to us about the animals in Africa's Savannah, desert and rain forests. Ask us who, Elton, Willy Wonka or Mork (and Mindy!) are if you want to know more...

We've come back and spent time this week writing a recount of the trip and making our puppets of an African animal. At the summer fayre next Friday be sure to come into our rooms to find out more about what we have been doing. We are super proud of our efforts!

Next week we will continue to think about animals, mostly birds as we spend a week learning about them. We will also have a week were we look into primates, and focus on animal conservation before we finish the topic so start to research animals that fall into those families. As well as that we have got a lot of practicing for our summer concert to start doing. We hope you can get the year 2 songs out of your head, they're really catchy! 

Also next Thursday (during the school day) there will be another transition event for all of the children who are going to Old Catton Juniors. The event will be over before lunch time and will be at the junior school so there will be the full year 2 team walking them down there. If anyone would like to know anymore then please come and speak to the year team.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sun and see you ready for some singing next week!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Only 30 days of year 2 left!!!

We have realised today that we are about to begin the final 30 days of the children's time in year 2 and therefore at Garrick Green. 

However, we still have plenty of things left to do and look forward too. There's the whole school trip to Africa Alive, sports week and the making of puppets to name but three. The puppet making will be of an African animal that roams the savanna, can you begin to decide which one you would like to make? The animal each child selects to make a puppet of will then also be used as the basis of a poem that they will write. Eventually we are hoping to create our own class version of the book The Carnival of the Animals that is photographed below and was inspired by the music of Saint-Saens. Talking of music we also have the schools end of year performance to look forward to and in preparation for that it would be great if every child could begin to think about some of their favourite memories of there time at the school.

This week we have begun to consider how different books are more suited to different readers, with the language used in each being appropriate to that reader. This is some of the work we will do to be ready to write our own poems next week. If you can it would be great if you could begin to read poems in order to know some of the features of poems that you could use when we write them next week. In maths we have been focusing on continuing to use the skills and strategies taught to answer a variety of different problems, such as this...

The first person to come to Mr W or Mrs R with both answers will earn a team point! We have also been learning to tell the time and this has included conversations about the three different ways we talk about time. Can you tell your parents what those three ways are?

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that a PE kit is needed all week at school. As ever, if there are any questions or concerns please come and speak to one of the year 2 team.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Welcome back after your half term holiday. We have spent this first week back learning about Russia in our international week. This has included learning about the composer Tchakovsky and artist Kandinsky. We also used some measuring maths skills as we baked some Russian honey cake and enjoyed the mini world cup. Our talk homework this week has a very famous religious landmark on it from Moscow can you share what your families what you know about it. Please note that due to the sing up event that some of the year two will attend we have decided to send this home on Monday.

The mini world cup (see photos below) has got us into a sporty mood especcially with the school sports week looming on the horizon. We have also had good news with one of our golf teams being selected to take part in Norfolk summer school games 2018. Those asked to take part will be informed shortly and the event will be during the school day (10-12.30) of Tuesday 19th June and will take place at the Norwich family golf centre. The PE theme continues with some children going to the Norfolk show soon to perform a dance. Please continue to support us in reminding the children that they have been provided with a fabulous opportunity and should treat it as one when taking part in any of the experiences, from practice through to event.

Next week sees us return to our carnival of the animals topic and with the whole school trip to Africa alive coming up we are going to be learning about more worldly animals from places such as the polar, desert and rainforest areas. Can you name where any of these are on the map? Do any of the countries you represented at the mini world cup have any of these habitats?

We plan on doing some maths work that includes telling the time and different daily puzzles and questions that will encourage the children to use many of the skills taught this year. Please continue to try and use your maths skills at home, have you got an older/younger sibling you could teach or test?

Friday, 25 May 2018

Happy half term!

What a busy time we had in our final few days!

On Friday the 18th of May we had a visitor called Nick from the Norfolk Broads Authority and he came to tell us about all the wildlife in our pond. He brought in a microscope and connected it up so we could look closely at all the different things we found. We had great fun learning about Norfolk Broads animals, especially when asking Nick questions.

Then on Monday some of us went to a workshop hosted by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. We learnt about the story of Alice Through The Looking Glass with help from some amazing musicians from
We joined in with singing and storytelling and one lucky child got to conduct the mini-orchestra!

On the Wednesday Mr Whitehead led a team of intrepid golfers to Sprowston Manor for a Trigolf event. The children worked really well and impressed everyone with their super skills with each child earning a certificate for their efforts

Alongside all of that in Maths we have been solving problems involving number patterns, symmetry, shape and dominoes! If you fancy having a go at a new challenge... why not look at this:

In English we have been reading and writing poems with an animal theme. We have tried to write mini-poems using only 4 sentences using each sentence type.

In topic we have been thinking about mini-beasts and their habitats. When we come back after the holiday we will look at bigger animals from elsewhere in the world. Can you identify some of their habitats, life cycles and food chains?

Finally, thanks for everyones efforts during the very busy month of May and please remember that if you have any questions, do come and see one of the Year 2 Team.

We hope you have a happy & healthy half-term!
Mrs R & Mr W

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It has been a very busy week full of animal rescues and dramatic scenes in the role play areas! Thank you for your many and varied toys that have come in to be treated, hopefully they are all on the mend and will be home soon.

In English we have been continuing to use The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. We have begun to identify features of the book that we will need to use in our own versions e.g. alliteration. We have designed our own main characters to swap for Mick Inkpen's rascally rat. Can your child remember who they have created? They will use their character for their own version of the book during the next few English lessons.

Why not see if you can get hold of some other books by Mick Inkpen to read?
You could look at home, at school in the classroom or the library, visit your local library or even look in the book-swap shed!

In maths we have been handling coins and investigating ways to pay. You can help at home by looking at real coins and talking about their worth. The children have been exploring addition by finding totals of amounts. We have begun to think about giving change and relating this to subtraction. Please continue to practise times tables at home. This relates well to money as you can say things such as "how much are eight 5p coins worth?".

In our topic we are beginning to think about the animals we would find our locality and a little further afield. We will be comparing pets, farm animals and wildlife.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, do come and see one of the Year 2 Team.
Mrs R

Monday, 14 May 2018

Last week we have continued to think about our carnival of the animals topic and have begun to create an animal rescue role-play area. As we have said to the children, they are free to bring in any animal toys if they have asked permission at home and are happy for other children to play with them, it would be best to stick to no more than one or two per child. We have already raided our personal teacher toy collection though, so it is not urgent to do so. We have also used our scientific enquiry minds to learn about life cycles and how they differ for different species.

Our English learning this week continues to focus on the book The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. So far we have read the story and begun to discuss the animals and language we don’t understand. We will move this on by writing our own version of the story next week. Alongside this we have been thinking about how to use money so that we don’t have to rely on tills or shopkeepers to ensure we receive the correct change. This work has included remembering how we can use chips and peas to help us answer what two items cost or how much change is received.

Finally, with it being the month of May many children have already begun to prove how much they have learnt in the SATS. So far all of the children have been super keen to demonstrate their best so please keep this up till the end of the month. Equally please remember to talk about word meanings, ask questions and make predictions whilst reading books at home. For further ideas on how to help with reading or any queries generally please come and speak to a member of the year two team. You may also find the website below useful to explore with your child at home, especially when reading.