Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Science Week

It is Science Week here at Garrick Green and Year 2 have begun the week by building structures using marshmallows and straws! We talked about famous structures such as the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge and how maths, engineering and technology are linked with science.

Today we investigated magnets and explored the different materials they were attracted to. The children loved feeling the force of two magnets pushing and pulling!

We have begun to record our learning in our Science Journals and there will be plenty more experiments for us to do this week.

Why not research and plan an experiment to do at home? There are many books and websites you could use to get ideas. Do come and see one of the Year 2 Team if you need some ideas. (You could explore floating and sinking in your bath!) Remember that you are encouraged to record your findings and ideas in your yellow home learning book.

We look forward to hearing all about your scientific experiments!
Mrs R

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Oh no! No children came to solve Mrs R's word problem. 😢
Let's try another...

Birds’ Eggs 
You will need some counters (you could use pieces of pasta)

Three birds laid some eggs. 
Each bird laid an odd number of eggs. 
Altogether they laid 19 eggs. 
How many eggs did each bird lay? 
Find different ways to do it.

Your child could record their answers in their home learning books. 

This week we have begun to look at the origins of Easter. We have talked about the religious and non-religious elements of the festival. The children have listened to different versions the bible story about the passion of Jesus Christ. They have begun to consider the big concepts that the story makes us all think about.

You could watch these videos:
Let's Celebrate Easter
Easter Story Animation

Here are some ideas for your home learning during the holidays...

  • ask an adult to help you follow a recipe and weigh some ingredients
  • design and make some Easter cards to send to your friends and family
  • read a book by an author who you haven't read before
  • write the Easter story 
  • write a story about the Easter bunny and his or her adventures
  • write some Maths word problems for others to solve 
  • Purple Mash or Education City

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at the open morning on last day of term.
(Wednesday 28th March)

Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter break, Mrs R & Mr Wh

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let's big up the blog!

Let's big up the blog! 

We are trying to get you and your children engage with the blog. If you have any helpful suggestions or comments then please let Mrs R or Mr Wh know.

Our first idea is... an embarrassing photo of Mrs R... 😀

1. Can your child think of the whole calculation that matches this word problem?
    Which operation do you need to use?        x   ÷   +   -

2. Come and find one of us to tell us the calculation and the answer! Special stickers will be awarded!

3. A bonus point if you suggest names for the five imaginary cats.
    (Can you write a sentence using a list with commas?)

What have we been up to?

Dance with Bryony
We have been practising our dances with Bryony and enjoying the challenging of tutting. (Ask your child to show you!)

Did you enjoy coming into school on Tuesday when the music was on?
Year Two have been learning the songs ready for The Big Sing.
we have learnt to sing and sign: Build It High

Mrs R's favourite is Rockstar by A Great Big World. What's yours?

Why not visit this website for more information: Norfolk Music Hub
Enter the password: singup
Then you'll be able to access the backing tracks and lyrics.

We have been drafting and editing our own versions of the fable The Tortoise and The Hare. If you would like to, why not write your own version of the story with different creatures e.g. The Sea Snail and The Dolphin?

We have been developing our problem solving skills in class by using taught strategies e.g. how do we solve a calculation that has this sign:  x What does it mean? How can we draw or jot to find an answer?

Finally, a note for the children...

Please don't forget to:

  •  make good choices for your adults
  •  ask your adult politely to check that you have spare clothes at school that fit
  •  double check that you have a PE kit at school
  •  read regularly at home
  •  have a go on Education City or Purple Mash
  •  go to bed and get lots of sleep so you are ready for action each day
  •  answer Mrs R's word problem!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

"Ground Control to Major Jon."

"Ground Control to Major Jon."

Hello everyone, Commander Rayfield here.
Recently we have begun some work inspired by Harey McHairy. (This is our leveret that will be part of the GoGo Hares 2018!)  We have been looking at various examples of hares in different types of art and using these as inspiration for our own.

In English we have been learning about the fable of The Tortoise and The Hare. Why not ask your child if they can remember the moral (lesson) from the story?

In Maths we have been learning how to solve word problems and explain our ideas and reasoning.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Greetings earthlings!

The children have had two brilliant days back after half-term despite the grey and drizzly weather!

In English we have begun to investigate the features of non-chronological reports. We predicted what features we would see in an information book e.g. photo, diagram, index, facts etc. (It really helps if you know your alphabet because the index and glossary are in alphabetical order. ) We have looked at information sheets and non-fiction books to start getting ideas for our own non-chronological reports. We will spend the next two weeks researching, planning and writing our own texts to make a big book. If Mrs Dewing likes them, we hope we will be able to put them in the library.

In Maths we have looked at funky fractions! We have started with fractions of shapes. We have tried not to be tricked by the denominator (the number on the bottom) being bigger e.g. 1/2 is bigger than 1/4 because you are getting one of two equal parts rather than one of four equal parts. This week's homework will have a fractions theme too.

On Friday we will be attending Astronaut Academy again and doing lots of different learning activities to help us.

Signing off for now,
Mrs R

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Planet Earth? This is Mrs R.

The Year Twos are having an absolute blast (pun intended) learning about space. So far, we have found out about the solar system and astronauts. The children have helped to build space station role play areas in each classroom and enjoyed lots of space themed learning activities.

Did you know that you can grow plants in space?

Image result for sunflower in space
This is a sunflower seedling growing on the International Space Station. 

In English we have been learning about instructions and thinking about the features of this particular type of non-fiction text. We have used plants in space as our theme for writing our own.

In Maths we have been learning about telling the time,and repeating patterns. They have also been using positional and directional language. The children have used the Bee-Bots to develop these skills. (Bee-Bots are programmable robots!)

We have new Reading for Pleasure boards in our classrooms. On Wednesdays we would like the children to bring in a book from home to enjoy. Please remember to name them in case we end up with 30 copies of The Gruffalo!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wednesday 6th December

We have begun to think about our DT projects & are getting our logos prepared to draw up on acetate. Next we will be measuring and cutting wood for the frames.

It's not just advent, it's assessment season! We have been working with the children on various activities to show what they have learnt since joining Year 2. You can help by continuing to read regularly and practising your times tables.

This week Mrs Dewing wrote us a letter asking us to help her write to Father Christmas/Santa Claus. We have everything crossed for a new trim trail!

In English we have been comparing the poem 'Twas The Night Before Christmas with The Nutcracker! We watched parts of the ballet and were fascinated by how the story was told through dance. This inspired our PE lesson last week and there were some fantastic soldiers and mice dancing in the hall.

If you have any questions or comments, please do come and see us.
Mrs R & Miss Tovell